December 10, 2003


To:       David Martin, President

            Board of Representatives


Re:       Request for Suspension of the Rules To Consider Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into Agreement with the State Department of Public Health for Development of Capacity for Public Health Response to Bioterrorism Incidents


Dear Mr. Martin:


On December 5, 2003 the State of Connecticut sent a letter to the City of Stamford informing the City of its obligations for implementation of the Bioterrorism Grant made available in the amount of $114,946.  Those obligations include a deadline of January 5, 2004 to provide contract documents that are signed by the individual authorized to do so by the governing body per adopted resolution.  Since the Board of Representatives will not meet until January 5, 2004, I am requesting that the Board of Representatives consider the attached resolution at their January meeting so that the City can respond to the requirements of the State in as timely a manner as possible.


The Bioterrorism Grant will facilitate the Stamford Health Department in completing the following:

  1. Attend workshops on public health preparedness and response plan development and evaluation processes,
  2. Develop a public health preparedness and response plan,
  3. Conduct exercises to test operation of two components of that plan,
  4. Conduct an exercise of the smallpox mass vaccination plan and evaluation of that exercise,
  5. Conduct a revision of the plan based upon the findings of the exercises,
  6. Actively participate in a regional response plan,
  7. Develop a workplan for obtaining supplies for clinic sites performing small pox vaccinations,
  8. Provide for health and other staff training related to bioterrorism preparedness and response,
  9. Conduct a community assessment of communication needs of special populations,
  10.  Conduct a community risk assessment and communication plan for the health district, and
  11. Work with a field epidemiologist in the development of effective epidemiological surveillance, investigation and response capacity to address Center for Disease Control requirements for the region.


If you have any questions, please call Dr. Johnnie Lee at 977-4396, or Sandra L. Dennies, at 977-4190.


Very truly yours,



Dannel P. Malloy










































I, Donna Loglisci, Town/City Clerk of the City of Stamford, a corporation organized and existing under the laws of the State of Connecticut hereby certify that the following is a true copy of a resolution adopted at a meeting of the Board of Representatives of the City of Stamford, duly held on the _________ day of ____________, 2004.


RESOLVED that Dannel P. Malloy, Mayor of the City of Stamford is authorized to make, execute and approve on behalf of this corporation, any and all contracts or amendments thereof with the State of Connecticut Department of Public Health to facilitate capacity development for local public health preparedness and response to incidents of bioterrorism.


AND I DO FURTHER CERTIFY that the above resolution has not been in any wise altered, amended or repealed, and is now in full force and effect.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed the corporate seal of said City of Stamford this __________ day of _____________, 2004.





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