FISCAL YEAR JULY 1, 2003 TO JUNE 30, 2004



WHEREAS, the Board of Finance has transmitted to the Board of Representatives its recommended capital budget for the ensuing year, commencing July 1, 2003 and ending June 30, 2004 for final action by the Board of Representatives


BE AND IT IS HEREBY RESOLVED BY THE CITY OF STAMFORD THAT the itemized estimate of receipts and expenditures for the ensuing year 2003-2004 in the budget as submitted by the Mayor, and as acted upon by the Board of Representatives in the amount of


$2,150,000.00 - Capital Budget


BE AND IT IS HEREBY ACCEPTED, ADOPTED AND APPROVED, and specific appropriations are hereby made for each of the several items for sewerage system projects (the “Sewer Projects”) in the amounts appearing in the capital budget under the column heading “Board of Representatives” recording the approval, or other action, of said Board of Representatives to such items in the aggregate amount of $2,150,000.00.




                                                              Annie M. Summerville, Clerk of the Board




cc:       Mayor Dannel P. Malloy

Thomas Cassone, Esq., Director of Legal Affairs

Tim Curtin, Director of Operations

Benjamin Barnes, Director of Public Safety, Health & Welfare

Thomas Hamilton, Director of Administration

Anthony Mazzullo, Superintendent of Schools

Donna Loglisci, Town & City Clerk

Gerald Fox III, Chair, Board of Finance