WHEREAS, Stamford stands in the path of airborne pollution from power plants, and Fairfield County is classified as a Severe Ozone No-attainment Area under the Clean Air Act; and


WHEREAS, Stamford has approximately 1,680 children with asthma, and asthma attacks and other respiratory illnesses can be triggered by unhealthy levels of air pollution; and


WHEREAS, Greenhouse gas emissions can be reduced in a cost-effective manner that enhances economic development by applying currently available energy efficiency technologies and renewable energy programs that save money, create jobs and strengthen local economies; and


WHEREAS, renewable energy resources – such as wind, solar and wastewater residuals are constantly replenishing themselves, and, if properly managed, will be available to serve our energy needs forever; and


WHEREAS, the City of Stamford is a member of the Cities for Climate Protection Campaign, which commits the City to be a leader in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions both through energy and fuel efficiency measures and through renewable energy generation and purchases; and


WHEREAS, the 20% by 2010 campaign is a Connecticut not-for-profit initiative that has undertaken an effort to encourage community action in support of putting Connecticut’s customers on path to having 20% of their energy supply come from clean, renewable energy sources by 2010; and


NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED that the 26th Board of Representatives recognizes and supports the goal of the 20% by 2010 campaign.


BE IT THEREFORE RESOLVED that the Board of Representatives will work with the City administration to create a Clean Energy Task Force to define a strategy to meet the 20% by 2010 goal; and


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that the City of Stamford adopt the goal of making at least 20% of its energy purchases come from renewable energy sources by the year 2010, and encourage the City Administration to undertake further energy and fuel efficiency measures.


BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED THAT THE 26TH board of Representatives shall encourage all businesses, institutions and households within Stamford to engage in energy and fuel efficiency measures and to adopt the goal of making at least 20% of its energy purchases come from renewable energy sources by the year 2010.