Charter Change Questions & RESULTS
for the November 2, 2004 Ballot

as approved at the August 2, 2004 
Regular Board Meeting of the 
26th Board of Representatives

Question 1 - APPROVED:
Shall the term for Town and City Clerk be changed from two to four years?  (Charter Section 1-70-3)

Question 2 - FAILED:
Shall the term for Constables be changed from two to four years?  (1-70-3)

Question 3 - APPROVED:
Shall the Mayor be a non-voting member of the Board of Education?  (1-80-1)

Question 4 - APPROVED:
Shall there be an operating reserve fund, also known as a "rainy day" fund?  (8-30-3(b))

Question 5 - FAILED:
Shall there be a Bureau of Transportation with a Director of Transportation who shall be appointed by the Mayor?  (5-30-1; 5-10-2(b); 5-30-4)

Question 6 - APPROVED:
Shall there be a Superintendent of Parks & Recreation who shall be appointed by the Mayor?  (5-10-2(b); 5-30-5; 6-120-1)

Question 7 - APPROVED:
Shall the Board of Representatives have the authority to retain independent legal counsel? (2-10-2(13); 5-20-3)

Question 8 - FAILED:
Shall there be changes to Part 7, Pensions, of the Charter of the City of Stamford to make it conform to current practices and labor law?  (all changes to Part 7)

Question 9 - APPROVED:
Shall real property revaluation be conducted in accordance with the Connecticut General Statutes?  (5-50-3(b)(9))

Question 10 - FAILED:
Shall there be certain technical, procedural, and other miscellaneous changes to the Charter of the City of Stamford?  (all other changes)

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