File Summary    
Item No. LR28.002 Type Ord
Description Bulky Printed Materials Final Res/Ord # 1117
Date Submitted Legislative & Rules Date Final Action 7/6/2010
Date Submitted 10-Dec-09 Other  
Committee Harry Day    
Date Document Description Author File Extension
7/6/2010 Final Ordinance #1117 _o1117
5/17/2010 Revised ordinance Day _ord_100517
5/6/2010 Revised ordinance Day _ord_100506
3/31/2010 Draft Ordinance, for publication Committee _ord_100331_rev
3/31/2010 Draft Ordinance Day _ord_100331
12/20/2009 Draft Ordinance Rosenson/Day _ord_091220
2/17/2010 Legal opinion Mullin _legop_100217
Public Notices    
8/5/2010 Notice of Adoption of Ordinance   _phn2
6/17/2010 Public Hearing Notice    
4/15/2010 Public Hearing Notice   _phn
Committee/Board Meetings    
7/6/2010 Board Meeting    
6/21/2010 Committee Meeting    
6/7/2010 Board Meeting    
5/17/2010 Committee Meeting    
5/3/2010 Board Meeting    
4/19/2010 Committee Meeting    
4/6/2010 Board Meeting    
3/31/2010 Committee Meeting