Sense of the Board Resolution

Recognizing Polish American Heritage Month

October 2002




Whereas, this great nation founded on the perception of freedom, democracy and tolerance has become home to millions of descendants from foreign nations, and from this vast diversity the United States has become a land rich in diverse tradition, cultures and heritages; and


Whereas, more than one million Connecticut citizens claim a heritage to Polish descent reflecting a distinguished history, which dates back to the Piast Dynasty beginning in 962 A.D.; and


Whereas Stamford citizens of Polish descent continue to honor their proud tradition and rich ancestry through their commitment to the principals of community, excellence, justice, freedom and humanity.


Now, therefore, be it Resolved that the 26th Board of Representatives goes on official record recognizing Polish Heritage Month October 2002.



Submitted and Approved by:  John R. Zelinsky, 11th District Representative




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David R. Martin, President                                                                                                Annie M. Summerville, Clerk

26th Board of Representatives                                                                                       26th Board of Representatives