WHEREAS, Julia A. Stark School was founded in 1927; and


      WHEREAS, the School was named for Julia A. Stark, a City of Stamford Public School System employee for nearly fifty years; and


       WHEREAS, Julia A. Stark began as a third grade teacher at Glenbrook School, later serving as its principal; and


      WHEREAS, Julia A. Stark graduates who have gone on to become prominent citizens include Marcia Lieberman, the mother of U.S. Senator Joseph Lieberman, and who credits Julia A. Stark with teaching her the English language; and


      WHEREAS, Julia A. Stark graduates include many local citizens committed to public service including Chiquita Stephenson and Martin Levine of the Board of Education along with several members of Thomas Pia’s family who have served on the Board of Education and the Board of Representatives.


      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED THAT the 25th Board of Representatives extends its best wishes and congratulations to Julia A. Stark School as it celebrates this anniversary; and


      NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT also resolved THAT the Board of Representatives appreciates the important role of the Julia A. Stark School in serving the citizens of the City of Stamford. 


Submitted by:  Representative Sanchia Spandow

Approved: By the 26th Board of Representatives



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David R. Martin, President                     Annie M. Summerville, Clerk

26th Board of Representatives                   26th Board of Representatives